Seva Vasti

In the current era of rapid urbanization many low income families are evicted from society and compelled to accommodate at the undeveloped corners of the city. These areas are nothing but the ‘Slums’ where people are forced to live in an untidy environment with least basic facilities of water, electricity, roads, education etc.

Lack of facilities push them to live their life in hell like surrounding and if not helped at right time their life gets deeply stuck in the quagmire day by day.

Therefore to help these people and improve their living standard, Keshavsmruti Pratishthan has taken initiative. Improving their lives on the  parameters of education, health and sacraments is the basic strategy. 

As Keshavsmruti Pratishthan works in the premises of Jalgaon district, the work started at Wagh nager at Hari Vitthal area, Hudko, Rajiv gandhi Vasahat, Khanderao Nager and Pimprala area of Jalgaon city. 

Under this project, for the personal development of students ‘student development centre’ is driven in which students within the age group of 5 to 15 are trained. With the regular academic education, academic supplementary subjects are also taught here. Various types of cultural programmes, get- togethers are also arranged here which help the overall development of students. To support their educational development too, the programme ‘Pathyapustak Sahayog Yojana’ is also active.   

In this area, not only the students, but every individual is a victim. Keshavsmruti Pratishthan therefore runs numerous projects for the progress of different age groups of the society. Kishori Vikas Prakalp, Harikeshav Jyeshtha Nagrik Sangh, Nav Varsh Swagat Yatra, Kaushalya Prashikshan are some of them.

Women Empowerment

Scarcity of education, money and basic facilities lead the life of slum people towards destruction. Subsequent effect of this is the male dominance over women counterparts. As this dominance is considered here as the tradition and right of males, life of women becomes worse than hell. At any stage of age they get exploited, right from birth. 

In order to stop this exploitation of women in the slum area, their empowerment is very important and is the only solution. Keshav Smruti Pratishthan realised this fact and has taken initiative to empower slum women in different ways. Various types of courses and activities are started here to make these women socially active and financially independent. Library, Stitching classes, Mehendi classes  are some of these. Apart from this, professional training for various fields is also provided. 

For the overall personal development, some competitions like Utkrushtha Tulas Spardha, Swatchha ghar- Sudrudh aarogya Spardha are also held. To nourish their leadership qualities,  activities like women’s day function, Dhol pathak, bhajani mandal are also carried out.      

As now the Government has taken hard steps against the use of plastic bags, Keshav Smruti Pratishthan encouraged women from the slum area to grab the opportunity and to start their small scale business of cloth bags. For this purpose 50 women candidates have given professional training. Because of this, they and many others have bagged employment opportunities and have started their journey towards financial independence which is definitely helping them to raise the bar of their living standard.

Arogya Seva Kendra / Health Center:

Slums are overcrowded, highly packed with dingy houses and always deprived from basic facilities like drainage and sewerage water, garbage disposal  etc. and therefore are considered as the dirtiest places for living. This unhygienic environment along with the illiteracy and unawareness about the health, push this population in the deep trench of too many health problems and incurable diseases. 

Making these people aware of basic sanitation habits and importance of clean surroundings can help them to move towards a healthy life. Therefore the Health Center is driven by the Kehav Smruti Pratishthan. This center educates these people about  some basic diseases, their symptoms and precautionary steps by means of pamphlets or documentaries. 

Various Health checkup camps, campaigns for cleanliness, Garbh Sanskar classes are carried out here to help these people. Also with the involvement of residents, habits for good health are penetrated. Also with the lectures and seminars misunderstandings about the diseases or their treatments are cleared to improve their health status. 

Special awareness campaigns regarding Child and Women’s health, check-ups, free medication and counseling are also provided.  

Health center has made available the health check-ups on a daily basis at the Hari Vitthal Nagar area by highly experienced medical practitioners.  These check-ups are offered at minimum charges and posteck-up Generic medicines are also made available at nominal charges.