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As ‘Blood’ is the incredible creation of nature and not yet manufactured in the laboratories, human blood has highly in demand in critical situations like accidents and surgeries. And the lack of blood can lead the patient to serious consequences, including death. 

To avoid such threatening situations Keshav Smruti Pratishthan runs the ‘Madhavrao Golwalkar Voluntary Blood Bank’, which makes the blood available for emergencies. 

The blood bank was established on 14th June 1998 and has been working progressively under the people welfare committee as ‘Voluntary Blood Bank’ for the last 21 years. Blood bank aims to promote ‘blood donation’ as the movement. To encourage blood donation individuals are facilitated with the award ‘Jeevan Sanjivak’ and institutes are facilitated with the award ‘Jeevan Adhar’, every three years. 

To provide prompt service, blood banks reach needy patients with extended arms of various schemes. Financially backward patients are helped under the ‘Jeevan Dhara’ scheme.

Thalassemia patients are helped with a special scheme ‘Doner Guardian’ which makes the permanent donor available for the particular patient.   

The utmost care has been taken to provide sufficient blood to everyone in need. Since 2018, to run the blood collection center on wheels, a well equipped ambulance is made available, by the Blood bank.

Till date 95827 blood bags are issued through the blood bank. Families of the Jalgaon Janata Bank members have offered special discounts of Rs. 700 on each taken bag.

Encourages Young Donors:

Youngsters are the most eligible candidates for donating blood. Therefore to encourage maximum young guys to donate blood, various events like rallyes, awareness programs are conducted. Under this blood donation movement project ‘Rakt doot’ is also carried out which also inspires the young generation not only for donating blood frequently but make it a habit.

Blood Bank Table

Blood CampsBlood CollectionWHOLE BLOOD( WB)PRC (PCV)PLATEL ET (RDP)FFPTotal distribution
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Blood Donation Form

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